Let’s build Hackflix with Angular & React

14th of December at 6:30 PM CEST

ready to jump start your coding skills?

During this live coding session, you'll be hosted by the founder of Hackages, Davy Engone. Davy will be teaching you step-by-step how to build this awesome website!

What you'll need to enjoy the HackJam:

  • Basic knowledge of TypeScript

  • NodeJS and Yarn or NPM installed

  • Git installed

  • A Github Account with SSH Authentication configured

  • Your favorite IDE and a desire to learn

what it's all about...

During this HackJam you will work on a frontend application for a video streaming service in Angular & React. The purpose of this HackJam is to discover how to use these technologies by connecting them. We will give you a broken application and you will be asked to fix all bugs and tests before you can add new features to it.

By the end of the session, you'll know:

  • How to build an application with Angular & React

  • How to design components

  • The difference between Input & Output

  • You'll master the templating language

  • How to write Test Driven Features

Level: Beginner


Davy Engone

Engineering Manager

Florian Pasteur

Senior Software Engineer

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The process

A test-driven learning experience.

This HackJam will urge to you trust the process of trial and error. Learn from your mistakes to make a functional website. Ask Davy your most difficult questions to get the results you want!


Start with broken apps

Experiment with broken apps. Work with automated code tests and test your skills in various challenges.


Solve coding challenges.

Write your own code to overcome coding challenges. Code your own way using your favorite tools and techniques and bypass code tests.


Make your code efficient

Learn to optimize your code the way professionals do it. Produce efficient and readable code and make it ready for production.

The favourite among developers

Developers from the popular tech companies take part in Hackjams

This was a totally new experience for me. I haven't taken part in a HackJam before but I really enjoyed the community aspect as well as learning more things! Really recommend.

- Jan

Full-stack Developer

Even though I have experience in React, I came out knowing a lot more that I thought! Thanks for the tips, Hackages!

- Daniel

Front-end Developer

HackJams are seriously informative and enjoyable! What a better way to spend my evening. Please do more of these!!

- Tamara

TypeScript Master

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